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Though in different variations, depending on the society, Africans have a saying that "unless lions have their own historians, the story of the hunt will always favour the hunter."


This saying is true for the lion, as it is for we Africans.

So, this year, in recognition of our rich cultural heritage, we decided to celebrate Christmas with our own 'Father Christmas' figures.

Papa Keresimesi is our everyday jolly old grandpa who goes round rewarding kids for being good and respectful to their elders and peers. He is Edo, Efik, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and every single tribe we have in Nigeria. He speaks your language, and understands your nuances. He is the embodiment of us all.

Oh, and of course, he has his lovely wife, Mama Keresimesi.

We have started with limited edition figures this year, but will expand them as time - and your requests - goes on.

So go ahead and have a very merry, absolutely lovely and authentically Naija Christmas everyone!

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